organic farming

Sustainability in Practice

  • addresses the whole farm by protecting both natural and human resources, while still growing as a business
  • main focus include environmental stewardship, social and economic equity, and economic profitability
  • major goals are to develop economically viable ecosystems and to enhance the quality of the environment, so that farmlands remain productive indefinitely

Organic Farming

  • avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers and harmful chemical pesticides that can influence the growth of crops and health of the soil
  • main idea behind organic farming is 'zero impact' on the environment
  • motto of the organic farmer is to protect the earth by relying on natural fertilizers and pest control systems to care for the plants

Biodynamic Farming

  • biodynamic farming practices exist to move a vineyard back to a state of natural balance
  • biodynamic agriculture views the farm as a self-contained, self- sustaining ecosystem responsible for creating and maintaining its individual health and vitality.
  • sees the need for the farm to follow the earth's schedule...not the farmer's! 

“We did not inherit this land from our fathers– we are borrowing it from our children”
—Amish Proverb

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Organic Farming

In growing grapes, we believe in taking care of and respecting the environment and that our vineyard needs to be in balance with nature, therefore we made the decision to go 100% biodynamic. This means we use all organic farming methods, and a step beyond. We are also the first vineyard in the US to be certified in all 3 practices: biodynamic farming, organic farming and sustainability in practice (SIP). 

We farm our organic vineyard exclusively in the Sta. Rita Hills (Santa Rita Hills) in Santa Barbara wine country, California. You can taste our wines at our boutique winery in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto.